[ngw] Client Options

Barth Uwe Uwe.Barth at stadt-chemnitz.de
Mon Nov 16 08:44:52 UTC 2015

I want to review my settings under Client Options within the next few days. To prevent mistakes I want to check my knowledge of inheritance regarding the Client Options. So please correct me, if my following understanding of inheritance is wrong:
1) Client Options can be set a Domain, PostOffice and/or User level
2) each Secondary Domain inherits from the Primary Domain
3) each PostOffice inherits from it owning Domain
4) each User/Mailbox inherits from its PO
5) if a setting on a lower level (e.g. bigger quota for a specific "User A") was changed and later the same setting will be changed to something else on a higher level (e.g. PO/Domain)
5a) and the setting is not locked anywhere, the change won't be inherited to this lower level object (e.g. "User A")
5b) and the setting will be locked on the higher level, the setting on the  lower level object (e.g. "User A") will be overwritten (regardless of whether its locked on the lower level)


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