[ngw] Outlook 2013 to GMS

Jason Ross jason at ethisec.com.au
Mon Nov 23 22:37:57 UTC 2015

Thanks Bruce, 

What version of Windows? The one I'm having problems with is running Windows 10 which may be part of the problem.

>>> "Bruce Perrin" <Bruce.Perrin at lbb.texas.gov> 24/11/2015 5:53 AM >>>
Jason, I am running GW and Outlook 2013 on the same machine with no issues.
>>> "Jason Ross" <jason at ethisec.com.au> 11/23/2015 5:26 AM >>>

I tried setting up Outlook 2013 to talk to my GMS server today.

Everything seemed to configure and talk to the GMS server just fine, however Outlook kept crashing and only stopped crashing when I removed the ActiveSync account.

Anyone else using ActiveSync on Outlook 2013 and if so is it working reliably?


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