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Joe Acquisto-j4 joea at j4computers.com
Mon Nov 30 17:16:28 UTC 2015

It is GW8 back end.   IMAP is disabled.  SOAP is endabled.

>>> "Jeffrey D. Sessler" <jeff at scrippscollege.edu> 11/30/15 10:07 AM >>>
What version of GW?

If it’s GW 8, there is a IMAP bug with the built-in Android client that
can result in duplication of sent items i.e. User sends a message on an
android with a 1MB attachment, and the Android device keeps reproducing


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>I have a post office that is growing in disk usage at a rate out of
sync with norms for this place.
>Find that there are lots of 1 M (ish) files in /offiles/blah.    These
are said to be attachments.   I find it a bit odd that there are many
files that are the same size and date across the various /offiles/fdxx/
>Is there a way to determine which user(s) these belong to?  Or, ??
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