[ngw] GroupWise Database name

Gene Homan gene at genehoman.com
Tue Oct 6 17:37:32 UTC 2015

When Micro Focus puts its name on GroupWise in the future, should we clean up the file names to be:



This way Word Perfect and Novell get removed at the same time.

Lets also rename gwha.conf to groupwise.conf

>>> "Gene Homan" <gene at genehoman.com> 10/05/15 12:55 PM >>>
Domain DB name is wpdomain.db
PO DB name is wphost.db
PO user mailbox DB name is userFID.db
PO message DB name is msg###.db
PO guardian DB name is ngwguard.db
PO gwcheck DB name is ngwcheck.db

>>> "Paul Aboukhaled" <paboukhaled at metrohealth.org> 10/05/15 12:20 PM >>>
What is GroupWise database name?

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