[ngw] Spell Checker resource can't load.

Brenda Pope Admin at helmsinglaw.com
Wed Oct 7 22:38:47 UTC 2015

I have one user who has to use the GW 8 client for an Iscrub program.  We are on GW 2012.  This user couldn't send email on Monday, because she was getting the error message that the GroupWise spell checker resouce couldn't load.  I had her disable the spell check temporarily until I could resolve the issue.  I had an old 8.0.1 client disk, but she was using 8.0.2.  Anyway, I uninstalled the client and retinstalled it, but I'm still getting the message.  I went to the Novell site and found others with the same error message.  However, they were all for GW 6.05.  No one really gave an answer on the forum discussion site and I couldn't find any documentation on the problem.  I went back into the registry and cleared out anything related to GW and then redid the whole procedure, but I'm still getting the error.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I know it is related to her workstation though as I can login as her on my workstation and everything is fine, but I'm on GW 2012.  

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