[ngw] GW Live/Archive to PST (or other format)

Holly Newman Holly.Newman at jfwmail.com
Wed Oct 7 23:44:22 UTC 2015

Hello all - Long time no see.

Now that we've been on Office365 for almost three years, I'm looking for options to retire our GroupWise system completely. One idea that appeals to me is to export all mail to either PSTs or some other format so that users, and more importantly, Legal, can access at will. 

One challenge is that we still have the last 90 days of mail in live mailboxes on the post offices, and the rest in archives. We could set the policy to auto-archive at 1 day, but that is a client-side operation so not really feasible. On the bright side, I did consolidate all accounts into one post office and one set of archives so at least they aren't strewn all over the enterprise.

I'm completely out of touch with what's out there now. Can anybody suggest a product that will gather data from both a live post office and archives and export in a way that is useful to both the users and Legal? This would be a one-time operation, and our remaining domain/post office are GW8.

Holly Newman
Senior Systems Engineer
Information Technology Dept
Jackson Family Enterprises

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