[ngw] Shared Address Books

Lidija Thompson-Ward Lidija.Thompson-Ward at macewan.ca
Thu Oct 22 17:00:41 UTC 2015

Hello NGW,
We are currently on GroupWise 2012 sp3 (Linux).
I have three users who share an Address Book which was created by UserA.  Both User B and User C have All (read/add/edit/delete) access to the shared Address Book.  The users are also in different POs.
When any of the users make a change to the Address Book, sometimes the other users see it and sometimes they don't.  Mostly they don't.  And all three users have a different number of address book members:  User A, who created the book, has 20 members, User B shows 19 members, and User C shows 13 members.  I ran GWchecks (PABONLY, PABFIX, as well as the regular maintenance checks) and also suggested that users sync the address book when making changes or before using it, but that did not make any difference.  Is there something I am missing, or not doing?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have,
Lidija Thompson
MacEwan University
Edmonton, AB  Canada

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