[ngw] d101 errors after moving users with newest sp1

Jim Gosney jgosney at genesco.com
Tue Aug 9 19:14:45 UTC 2016

It seems that with the new 2014r2SP1, it is not handling user moves as

In the old pre-2014 days, if I moved a user to a new post office, a
nickname was placed in the old PO and everything proceeded smoothly. 
But with 2014.2.1, we seem to be having d101 issues.  For example, I
moved two people to new post offices this morning and it created the
nicknames for the old po but a lot of people are getting d101 errors
when sending to these folks yet the message still goes through.  I'm
assuming that these errors are coming from older frequent contact
entries which should be cleared up at the nightly maintenance.

I don't recall seeing this issue pre 2014 and during our short time on
2014r2 prior to SP1, I didn't move any users so don't know if it
occurred there as well.  

Just checking to see if anyone else has seen this behavior.

Jim Gosney
* Linux System Engineer
* Groupwise System Engineer
* Mobility Server Admin
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN


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