[ngw] name completion search order

Jim Gosney jgosney at genesco.com
Wed Aug 10 13:28:19 UTC 2016

The way I understand it, the new 2014 uses a weighted system of name
complete so that most frequent entries float to the top of the list
regardless of which address book they are in.  Since, if I go into "name
completion search" in the address book and there is no longer a method
to specify order of books, I'm assuming this is true.

HOWEVER, some people are wanting it to work the old way so that, for
example, their personal book takes priority over frequent contacts.  But
I don't see a way to specify this type of ability.

What are my options?

Jim Gosney
* Linux System Engineer
* Groupwise System Engineer
* Mobility Server Admin
Genesco, Inc.
Nashville, TN


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