[ngw] OT: GroupWise Messenger 2.2 archive files after move

Michael Statman Mike at EMESConsulting.Net
Wed Dec 7 22:21:27 UTC 2016

I needed to move a messenger installation from one server to another, and in a different eDirectory tree.
Messenger is fine, after quite a bit of LDAP manipulation to setup user attributes, etc.

>From the old server I have ~5 years of archive data.  The data has been copied over, the path is set properly for the archive agent, and it (apparently) successfuly re-indexed all of the archived messages (based upon the fact that it recreated the appropriate index files in ../aa/store/qfidx.)

The problem is that I'm unable to search the old archive data.  When doing an archive search, I can query for a userid, e.g. mstatman, and find the user.  A search against the archive only returns data for the time after the messenger system was moved to the new server/tree.

My suspicion is, and hopefuly someone can confirm this, that the messages in the archive are actually tied to the users' LDAP FQDN, such that even though I can find a user FLast in the search, the older messages are really associate with cn=FLast,o=OldOrg,T=OldTree and now messages (and the actual ID being used behind the scenes for the search) is cn=Flast,o=NewOrg,T=NewTree.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Or any tools to view and/or manipulate the messenger archive files ?


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