[ngw] OT: GroupWise Messenger 2.2 archive files after move

Rand Babcock randbabcock at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 23:13:15 UTC 2016


Objects are stored in the archive by FQDN.  However, searches are not
limited by that.  So a search for "bob" would return all hits that match
"bob" in the specified time frame, regardless of FQDN.

It sounds like the index files only contain data from after the move.  So
even if the data is in the archive store, it is inaccessible to the client.

Do you still have access to your old directory?  If so, can you check out
the archive passphrase and see if it is the same in both systems?  It can
be specified on either the service object, or the archive agent object, (If
the agent is blank, it inherits from the service object).

Unfortunately, there aren't any tools which can be used to view or
manipulate the archive data directly.


On Wed, Dec 7, 2016 at 3:21 PM, Michael Statman <Mike at emesconsulting.net>

> I needed to move a messenger installation from one server to another, and
> in a different eDirectory tree.
> Messenger is fine, after quite a bit of LDAP manipulation to setup user
> attributes, etc.
> >From the old server I have ~5 years of archive data.  The data has been
> copied over, the path is set properly for the archive agent, and it
> (apparently) successfuly re-indexed all of the archived messages (based
> upon the fact that it recreated the appropriate index files in
> ../aa/store/qfidx.)
> The problem is that I'm unable to search the old archive data.  When doing
> an archive search, I can query for a userid, e.g. mstatman, and find the
> user.  A search against the archive only returns data for the time after
> the messenger system was moved to the new server/tree.
> My suspicion is, and hopefuly someone can confirm this, that the messages
> in the archive are actually tied to the users' LDAP FQDN, such that even
> though I can find a user FLast in the search, the older messages are really
> associate with cn=FLast,o=OldOrg,T=OldTree and now messages (and the actual
> ID being used behind the scenes for the search) is
> cn=Flast,o=NewOrg,T=NewTree.
> Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Or any tools to view and/or manipulate
> the messenger archive files ?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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