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Jeffrey D. Sessler jeff at scrippscollege.edu
Tue Dec 13 16:08:40 UTC 2016

Back in the 5.x days when GroupWise ruled the earth, I suspect it was hubris i.e. we are the biggest email platform and MS should bow to us. As the years ticked off and GW market share was in significant decline, that hubris didn’t change. You can still see it manifesting in a number of ways including this issue. 


On 12/13/16, 4:45 AM, "ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of Mathias Faust" <ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch> wrote:

    I don't get why MF is still reluctant to do anything... there is a perl
    module to decifer TNEF and ASSP can do it on the fly.
    See ASSP Wiki:
    Haven't had the time to update my assp in front of my GW test system,
    but I guess it would solve the problem - but I'm not sure if I want to
    install ASSP in a production environment just to have TNEF decoding... 
    >>> "Jeffrey D. Sessler" <jeff at scrippscollege.edu> 12.12.2016 22:19
    It’s not that MS keeps changing proprietary code, it’s been the
    same for many… many years. Other third-parties e.g. Google, have long
    since supported MS RTF (TNEF), so it’s been MF’s refusal to deal
    with it that it causing the issues. Yes, MS exchange systems shouldn’t
    leak it, but in refusing the deal with it on the GroupWise end, it makes
    it look like the GW Admins fault. 
    If you run into this issue, direct the exchange admin here. 
    They should set their IMC's, "Send MS Exchange Rich Text" to "Never"
    – this prevents the MS RTF from escaping out on the Internet. 
    Appointments arriving as email (and other email with winmail.dat)
    attached are caused by their exchange system allowing proprietary MS RTF
    formatting to escape their system and be sent to Internet recipients.
    The above fixes it globally - there are other ways, such as the sender
    modifying the contact and (if I recall) setting it to send as Internet
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