[ngw] Mail moving to trash automatically 100 at a time.

Ken Etter KLE at msktd.com
Thu Dec 15 18:42:23 UTC 2016

Is anything else accessing the mailbox?  Phone or tablet using ActiveSync?  Or something else using IMAP?  I had some strange activity on a mailbox once that was caused by a phone.

>>> "Marvin Huffaker" <mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 12/15/2016 1:40 PM >>>
I have a really weird issue with a customer..    I have one user...  when the user logs in, the client will automatically delete 100 Messages from the mailbox. It doesn't archive them. It moves them to the trash.   Exactly 100 at a time.  It will do it on login, and then every 90 Seconds 100 more will move to trash.  I can undelete them / put them back into the mailbox, but it will just delete them again.   The weirdest part is that it is only affecting messages newer than 11/11/2016.  Anything older than that is not touched.. . 

So basically, any new mail that comes in ends up in the trash.   There are no rules.   I initially thought it was related to their auto-cleanup/archive settings but I have completely disabled that and it still happens. 

I have reset the client options and run a standalone gwcheck on the mailbox (standard options). This has not changed the behavior.

There *ARE* about 50,000 messages in the user main mailbox..  However I have  dropped that number down by about 1300 (the same approx amount that are being moved to trash) and it still happens. Furthermore, I've only seen display issues on mailboxes with lots of items, not what seems to be a very deliberate delete action. 

What is happening? 


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