[ngw] Problem with an HTML email in webaccess

Jonathan Paul jpaul at stfrancis.edu
Tue Feb 2 17:16:42 UTC 2016

We are not on 2014 R2, just 2014 sp2.  Yes, it works in the fat client.

>>> "David Krotil" <David.Krotil at hilo.cz> 2/2/2016 10:48 AM >>>
Have you tried 2014 R2 ? In fat client is this OK ?

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>>> "Jonathan Paul" <jpaul at stfrancis.edu> 02.02.2016 17:42 >>>
I am having a problem with webaccess not showing an html email
correctly in webacces, both 2012 and 2014.  There is a button that is
supposed to be a link within the email, but when looking at the
in webaccess its just empty white space, though you can click where
supposed to be and it takes you where its supposed to go.  

Tried various browsers, same result.  The messages displays correctly
in the full client and on my phone through data sync.  Also forwarded
out to gmail and it works correctly there. Anyone have any ideas of
anything to adjust server-side that might get this to display

Messages are coming from an outside vendor so I don't have a lot of
control over them.  Not sure if its just bad html or something within


University of St.Francis

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