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Matt Weisberg matt at weisberg.net
Mon Feb 8 20:07:21 UTC 2016

Since your on GW 2014, you can pull the distribution lists out as CSV files using the REST interface in GroupWise 2014, so you don’t even need JRB.  Then you can do as Jeff mentions, just use Powershell to import the membership lists and modify the other bits as appropriate.  Lots of samples out there.

What tool/software did your Windows admin use to migrate/copy the DLs?


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>I used the tool we purchased to export the distribution list names, and JRBUtils to get the membership. With data in hand, I built a one-line PowerShell script create the lists (which sounds like you have this), and another one like to read a CSV and populate the lists. I can try and find it, but I used Google to get the example. Basically, anything you want to do against O365 using PowerShell is a Google away.
>If you want to replicate the feel/function of the GW list in O365, there are other default settings you’ll need to change for each list. For example, O365 has the concept of list Owner, and the owner doesn’t need to be a member of the list (there is a check-box for that). Also, items like:  can public send to the DL or is it closed, can someone subscribe/unsubscribe or is subscription owner controlled. O365 Distribution Lists are far closer to a regular listserv then GroupWise, so lots more options to configure.
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>>Hello all,
>>Our company is in the process of migrating from GroupWise 2014 to Office365.  Our Windows administrator leading the migration has already migrated our address book to Office365.  He said the distribution lists copied, but don't contain addresses after being migrated.  I'm hoping someone else has run into a similar issue, and maybe has a script or something which would help populate these distro lists.
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