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Michael Statman Mike at EMESConsulting.Net
Wed Feb 10 21:57:10 UTC 2016

"As a benefit of Your maintenance or subscription coverage for the
Software, You are entitled to a free Self Support Subscription for SLES
offered through SUSE. Terms and conditions for Self Support
Subscriptions are determined by
SUSE Self Support.
So then that means entitlement to _patches_, but not entitled to open
an SR if, say, ntp fails to resolve servers or a self-supported kernel
patch wacks your multipath configuration or you need assistance with
some other non-GroupWise package?

>>> "Mike Bills" <Mike.Bills at microfocus.com> 2/1/2016 1:28 PM >>>
When purchasing GroupWise you buy a license and 1 year of maintenance.

That maintenance gets you the patch support.  If you do not keep
on maintenance you are not entitled to any patches,  for GroupWise or

If you keep your maintenance current each year you are entitled to
GroupWise patches as well as the SUSE patches that are available under
SUSE self support.  Check the GW EULA for more information. 

Also,  on the GroupWise side maintenance entitles you to Messenger and
GroupWise Mobility.  If you go off maintenance you also are not
to run Messenger and Mobility in addition to receiving patches.

I hope that helps to clarify.


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On 2/1/2016 at 10:52 AM, Matt Weisberg <matt at weisberg.net> wrote:

I recently discovered that I was incorrect in my interpretation of the
SLES entitlement included with GroupWise.  I always thought that you
were entitled to use as much SLES as needed to support your GroupWise
work loads and that you would be entitled to basic patch channel
for SLES as long as you maintained your GroupWise maintenance. 
Apparently, that last part is incorrect.  The patch subscription is
granted for one year.  After that, there is no entitlement to patch
updates for SLES.  You must pay for it.  I was informed of this by a
SuSE SE and sure enough, it certainly does say that, one year of patch
updates, as it says here:


Was I alone in my mis-understanding of the SLES entitlement?


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