[ngw] Antw: Re: GW2014 R2 SP1 release date??

Sven Schuchmann 1010sven1010 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 19:37:53 UTC 2016

Hello Mathias,

2016-02-18 17:32 GMT+01:00 Mathias Faust <Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch>:
> @Sven: Did you participate in the Beta? I did and most of the bugs reported were fixed. Hope you join the next beta.

No, I did not participate the Beta and never will. Since my boss is not willing
to pay me for testing software from MicroFocus.
If they need Software-Testers (and they defiantly do) they should hire some.

At this time, I go the same way as you: my users are on the SP2 Client…

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