[ngw] What is the biggest individual GW active mailbox anyone has seen?

Georg Fritsch FCP gf at fcp.at
Tue Feb 23 17:09:00 UTC 2016

Actually we have 3 POs which make up the 7TB.
All POs run on the same server.
The weekly scheduled tasks run at the same time for all POs.
Last week the default maintenance tasks ran für 39, 46 and 56 minutes.

>>> "Jonathan Paul" <jpaul at stfrancis.edu> 23.02.2016 17:42 >>>
How long do the weekly maintenance tasks take with a PO that large ?

>>> "Georg Fritsch FCP" <gf at fcp.at> 2/23/2016 10:39 AM >>>
* ~250 physical users
* 7TB total PO size
* userdb sizes up to 1200MB
* average item count in the top 10 mailboxes 100.000 - 250.000
* top 10 mailbox sizes:
1. 426 GB
2. 301 GB
3. 248 GB
4. 240 GB
5. 165 GB
6. 163 GB
7. 119 GB
8. 103 GB
9. 85 GB
10. 78 GB

So even in our system it is quite easy to make it into the top 10 with
a 100GB mailbox. :-)
BTW, the 426 GB mailbox has only ~120.000 items, just with a crazy
average size.
Having huge files in offiles is actually not a really big deal and does
not impact the system very much.


>>> Mark Currie <MCurrie at laserfast.com.au> 23.02.2016 12:29 >>>
Hi All,

In the tradition of the longest uptime of Netware servers, I wanted to
put the question out as to what is the biggest individual GW active
mailbox anyone has seen out in the wild?

I think I have a good starter - a user at a long standing customer has
an active mailbox of 130Gb+, not counting archives! (Will get the pic
next time I'm onsite)...

So what has anyone else seen as just crazy size mailboxes?

Sorry - no prizes, just bragging rights! :)

Mark Currie

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