[ngw] Antw: What is the biggest individual GW active mailbox anyone has seen?

Tantor John Kaufmann tantor-john.kaufmann at th-koeln.de
Wed Feb 24 10:53:14 UTC 2016


160 GB Mailbox but didin't work anymore since the user.db was larger than 2GB an therefore GroupWise could nolonger handel it.

That was about 2 Years ago at a German Broadcasting Corp. 

They had at that time GroupWise 8.




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>>> Mark Currie <MCurrie at laserfast.com.au> 23.02.2016 12:29 >>>

Hi All,

In the tradition of the longest uptime of Netware servers, I wanted to put the question out as to what is the biggest individual GW active mailbox anyone has seen out in the wild?

I think I have a good starter - a user at a long standing customer has an active mailbox of 130Gb+, not counting archives! (Will get the pic next time I'm onsite)...

So what has anyone else seen as just crazy size mailboxes?

Sorry - no prizes, just bragging rights! :)

Mark Currie

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