[ngw] iOS devices stop syncing

Ken Etter KLE at msktd.com
Fri Jan 8 19:26:13 UTC 2016

I was told that I could go ahead and upgrade to the latest GMS.  Sounds like there might be an issue with SSLCheck.  I just finished the GMS upgrade and everything appears to be working correctly.  I'm keeping my SR open until I make sure that no one is having problems anymore.  I sent in my logs,etc from SSLCheck...hoping to hear back about that also.  But things look good at the moment.
>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 1/6/2016 4:45 PM >>>
I finally have some time, so I have opened an SR so I can get things sorted out.  I'll post back with my results also.
>>> "Alan Bens" <ABENS at go-metro.com> 1/6/2016 9:01 AM >>>
  That's the same thing I have, and opened an SR with MicroFocus.  The
last response I got from them was Dec 30th asking for a remote session. 
I'll post when they get me an answer.

Al B
>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 1/4/2016 8:43 AM >>>
Sorry for the delay in responding.  I took some time off for
Christmas/New Years and didn't look at my work emails at all.
I have two post offices.  The odd thing is that the SSLCheck script
claims that one post office is using SSL for SOAP and the other is not. 
But actually both are NOT using SSL for SOAP at the moment.  I have no
clue why the script thinks otherwise.

>>> "Alan Bens" <ABENS at go-metro.com> 12/29/2015 2:39 PM >>>
   Can you tell me what the odd results are from the SSLCheck script
for the newest GMS?   I'd like to know if it's what I'm having and
opened and SR and getting no response on.

Al B

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>>> "Ken Etter" <KLE at msktd.com> 12/23/2015 11:31 AM >>>
Upgraded the GroupWise server agents to 2014 R2.  GMS is still at
Build 230.  Haven't had time to upgrade GMS yet since the SSLcheck
script is returning odd results.  But I have a few users that suddenly
find their iOS devices stop syncing.  GMS says they are synced and up
date, but they aren't getting new mail, etc.  I have to re-initialize
their accounts to start things running again.  Any thoughts?  iOS bug?
or an R2 issue?


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