[ngw] MAC IMAP Mail not updating

Jeffrey D. Sessler jeff at scrippscollege.edu
Wed Jan 20 17:12:07 UTC 2016

Do you also have the GWIA switch set to have IMAP return newest items first vs oldest? In the back of my mind I think this was going to become the default for 2014R2, but I could be misremembering. The switch is the —imapreadnew.


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>I have 60k on all servers set and looks OK for me.
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>>>> "Jason Ross" <jason at ethisec.com.au> 20.01.2016 4:15 >>>
>Just an update to the list on this issue. 
>I installed the update yesterday and initially it looked promising then
>it didn't (if that makes sense). It finally settled down to a point
>where it was better but not perfect, hopefully Apple fix their mail
>client to eliminate this issue.
>I did adjust the POA "--imapreadlimit" switch to 40,000 messages
>although I may increase this a little. 
>This seems to have helped a little. 
>>>> "James Taylor" <James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com> 19/01/2016 2:37 AM
>If you go into the agent properties for imap, you can set the maximum
>number of items to download.
>If you haven't tried this, you can set it higher to see if that helps.
>I have had to set mine to the max, which I believe is 60k in the r2
>interface for gwia.
>James Taylor
>james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
>>>> <pmuhlbac at apmcomp.com> 01/18/16 10:18 AM >>>
>I have consistently had the problem with a folder with over 20,000
>items with any IMAP client.  I was the worst offender so it forced me to
>clean out the junk ...err...email that I didn't need to keep ;)
>I don't know if it was limited to GroupWise or not. GroupWise has been
>my email system for so many years, I have no idea of limitations on
>other systems...nor do I really want to find out.
>Paul Muhlbach, A+, CNA, MCSE
>APM Computer Services
>Stettler, AB  
>Phone 403-894-5802
>email: pmuhlbac at apmcomp.com
>Email powered by Groupwise
>>>> "Jason Ross" <jason at ethisec.com.au> 1/17/2016 5:14 PM >>>
>I'm running GW2014R2 and am seeing some weirdness with my Mac mail not
>correctly updating my GW IMAP mailbox correctly.
>When the mail client starts all is good. If I disconnect/reconnect from
>the network all appears to work correctly but leave the client running
>and mails don't update, i.e. don't see new messages etc...
>I do have a large inbox, just under 27,000 mails which may create a
>Thunderbird seems to be working OK, but for some reason it keeps
>hanging (keep seeing GW message limit exceeded (4000 messages) errors)
>so it isn't an ideal option at the moment. 
>Just wondering if I should point the finger at the Mac Mail client or
>at the GW IMAP config and open an SR?
>Any thoughts?
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