[ngw] Mail Out Using Proxy and Group 2014R2

Alan Bens ABENS at go-metro.com
Wed Jan 20 18:09:04 UTC 2016

One more thing I found, if I send it to individual users the mail is
sent, and the sent mail is in User 2 sent box as usual.  So it's not
reading the names/address' in the group.

Al B
>>> "Alan Bens" <ABENS at go-metro.com> 1/20/2016 11:58 AM >>>
We have our purchasing department, that uses an External Entity (User
2).  The managers account (User 1) has full proxy rights to User 2.

User 1 starts a new mail, in the from box selects User 2, the to line
is a group inside his address book.  Finish the e-mail normally and

If you proxy into the User 2 account the properties shows that it was
sent to no one.

Now all this worked on GW 2012.  It broke when we put in GW 2014 R2
the new client.

Has anyone seen this or should I open an SR.

Al B

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