[ngw] script for preparing pics for GW 2014 R2 - anyone interested?

Gene Homan gene at genehoman.com
Fri Jan 29 16:54:31 UTC 2016

I also would like a copy.

>>> "Brad Beckenhauer" <bbecken at aafp.org> 01/29/16 7:48 AM >>>
I'd like a copy.  
>>> "Mathias Faust" <Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch> 12/23/2015 10:10 AM >>>
we had the challenge that we have about 600 pictures in eGuide/eDir and they are all A) not rectangular and B) show upper body not just the face and if scaled for GroupWise there is not much left to identify. 
After some digging and coding I now have some python code that searches for the face (based on openCV, running on SLES 11 SP3 - needs some RPMs), cuts the face and resizes it to 64 x 64 pixel. For our pictures more than 99% were detected correctly. 
I plan to combine it with the script from Morris to upload the pictures directly to GroupWise. 
Is anyone interested to get my code? 
If yes, let me know - I then put some effort into documenting and hardening it and maybe publish it on Cool Solutions. 
regards and Merry Christmas 
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