[ngw] Antw: Re: GWDVA crashing?

Mathias Faust Mathias.Faust at gruner.ch
Thu Oct 6 14:42:26 UTC 2016

we saw that a while ago an before 2014 R2 SP1 HP1 (
It seams that there are some cases where the dva master process is not able to stop/kill a worker when the maximum time is exceeded. If you do a "ps -ef | grep gwdva" you might see some gwdva which have a parent process of "1". These you can kill.
We sometimes went as far as killing all gwdva and restarting via rcgrpwise.

Also check the log files of the poa if you see users with large number of items to be indexed (or the gwcheck logs). Might also lead to high load on the dva if one or more mailbox have to be reindexed.


>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 05.10.2016 22:56 >>>
for last day or so multiple gwdva processes on the server are eating quite a bit of CPU. Not sure if its playing catch up or what..and users are reporting searches are very slow.

(this paste from TOP might not come through sorted properly..)

15504 root	  25   5  353m 193m  11m R     96  1.9   3:29.30 gwdva
15344 root	  25   5  249m  82m  10m S     50  0.8   1:06.60 gwdva
15688 root	  25   5  162m  22m 9316 S     50  0.2   0:22.35 gwdva
 6039 root      20   0  521m 269m 9904 S      3  2.7 356:41.91 gwpoa

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