[ngw] 2012 GWIA TCP/IP Errors

Tim Mulvaney tmulvaney at mail.millikin.edu
Mon Oct 10 17:27:43 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. For the past couple of days the gwia on one of my GroupWise servers is accumulating several TCP/IP Read errors and it's still rising. Most of the SMTP threads are at a constant busy state. I've bumped the threads up to 20 and now it's at 50 but that doesn't seem to help. They are still busy. I don't see any stuck messages either. It appears that most messages are going through but on occasion when I test using telnet command I get the following error
421 Service not available, closing transmission channel
Connection closed by foreign host.
Only changes on that server have been OS and OES patches. I applied some on 10/13 and 10/14.
Any help would be appreciated. 
OES 11.2
GroupWise 2012 SP4  - gwia-12.0.4-120531

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