[ngw] Sort Subfolders - gone ?

David Gerisch DGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us
Wed Oct 19 18:40:19 UTC 2016

So... if I sort my sub-folders, then the menu option goes away.  If I
then choose Edit Folders, and put them in an unsorted order, then the
menu option comes back.  I'd bet an expensive cup of coffee that the
folders are already sorted.  ;-)

David Gerisch

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 2016-10-19 11:33 >>>
Just got an email from a user on Gw2012 client 12.0.4 .. complaining
about "what happened to Sort Subfolders?". I checked my comptuer (2014
client) and its still an option.. but on hers, it's not there anymore.

I'm wondering if upgrading the post office agent to the latest gw14
killed the ability in 2012 client? Anyone else see this? 

and sorry, 2014 client is still way too buggy to roll out firm wide (I
dont want to deploy an FTF).

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