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Kim Geiger kim at wkar.org
Thu Oct 20 20:54:37 UTC 2016

I do something similar with students by putting them in their own post office and setting the domain they're all in as the internet addressing default for that PO.

Kim Geiger
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>>> "Mike Lichtenwalner" <lichtemi at mtwp.net> 10/20/2016 2:38 PM >>>
I'm not sure this is possible, but I thought I would pose the question. I'm told this is possible with Exchange, but I'm definitely not going that route.

Hypothetical Scenario:
Let's say we have staff email accounts (hosted on our GroupWise 2014 system running on OES), and we want to add student email accounts in the same domain. But we want the student accounts hosted by Google instead of storing all of that mail locally. All of our students have eDirectory accounts, and eDir populates the Google accounts/passwords via GADS. I'm told that with Exchange as the local server, it can be configured so that all mail would be attempted to be delivered locally, but when the system doesn't see a mailbox for a student account, the message can be relayed to the student's Gmail mailbox. Is it possible to accomplish that with GroupWise?

Additional notes:
* I know this could be accomplished with a bunch of forwarding rules on individual GroupWise accounts, but I would like to keep the "From" address in tact as opposed to the users seeing the message was forwarded from GroupWise.
* I know using a separate domain for students would allow delivery directly to Google. Unfortunately, that isn't the end goal in this exercise.

Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Mike Lichtenwalner
Coordinator of Technical Services
Manheim Township School District
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