[ngw] GW2014R2SP1HP1 client problems

Paul Lamontagne Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com
Thu Oct 27 02:08:43 UTC 2016

Thanks for the info....

>>> "Carol Ann Casciato" <carolann at itcinc.com> 2016-10-26 6:41 AM >>>
Hi there people living on the bleeding edge who want to install the latest GW client. Be careful when installing on the latest and greatest Windows workstations with O2016/O365 installed.

Just to let  you know installing the GW2014R2SP1HP1 client on a Windows workstation that's also running Office 2016 or 365 will have issues on many of the workstations. You can always read mail, which is what people do to say that it's working for them. The problems start when they actually try to do something else.

We installed the client on Windows 10 workstations running Office 2016 with all the latest patches. Reading mail worked fine on all of them. There were workstations where just opening the new mail dialog closed the client. First a video driver issue was the suspect, since the dll that the Windows logs showed caused the problem differed, seemingly depending on the video card. Some workstations seemed to work sending mail (so the blame went to the high-end video card users). Unfortunately, on other workstations  we found that setting up an appointment also caused the client to close.  Uninstalling the new client and installing an older client worked, but that wasn't a great solution since the users wanted the latest and greatest.

I opened an SR and support said this was an acknowledged problem and that workstations with O2016 or O365 installed were the problem. While a suggestion to uninstall both Office and the GW client and reinstall them might work, this seemed to be too much to do - especially since that would mean endless Office updates. I sent them GroupWise dumps from several workstations and got an ftf client. The ftf client works fine. The testers have done just about everything to get it to fail and haven't so far.

Support said that Microsoft just pushed down some upgrades that are causing problems with our GroupWise client. Details can be found here: https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7018177 

You can get the newest GW client on your workstations. Just make sure it really is the latest build and not the one released with the recent software. The ftf client that we got - and that works fine - is build gw14.2.2-125229-937_client_win_multi. 

Carol Ann

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