[ngw] Bad Parameter Error when replying via mobile device

Lidija Thompson-Ward Lidija.Thompson-Ward at macewan.ca
Fri Oct 28 19:09:49 UTC 2016

Hi Morris,

My user was not replying to a message in a shared folder - That was the first thing I found when searching.  It would error out on any message she tried to reply to from the main mailbox or any other folder.

I resolved my user's issue by going to Mobility | Service Configuration, where I disabled Shares under the GroupWise tab.  I thought that given what I've read re shared folder issues on mobile devices, I may as well try it.  Of course, now I have a different problem:  some of my users are loving it and want to keep the function, but if I hear of more errors across the POs, I will need to disable for all until there is a fix/update available.

>>> "Morris Blackham" <Morris.Blackham at microfocus.com> October-27-16 1:36 PM >>>
Are they replying to a msg in a shared folder?  If so,  that is a known issue..

>>> Lidija Thompson-Ward <Lidija.Thompson-Ward at macewan.ca> 10/27/2016 10:42 AM >>>
Hello NGW,

Although I know this is not really a GroupWise issue, it is related.

We are currently on GW14.2.1 and Mobility 14.2.1 build 237

I have users reporting the following issue:  When the try to reply to a received message on their device they receive the following error:

   Message is from:  Mobility
   With the subject line:  Failed to Add Item
   And the body:  Mobility failed to add the following item because: Bad parameter. Internal error

The users can read messages, move messages, and compose messages, but not reply.

When I look at the admin console, the users show as:

   User State:  Synced
   Device State:  Normal (with a green check mark)
   Last Sync:  current

Has anyone else seen this?

I have also posted this to the Forum.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Lidija Thompson-Ward
MacEwan University
Edmonton, AB  Canada

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