[ngw] Report quantity of outbound emails

Jim Gosney jgosney at genesco.com
Thu Sep 15 14:50:59 UTC 2016

The GWIA's daily accounting report shows all GWIA traffic, inbound and
outbound.  If I recall, it's a comma-delimited file so you could open it
in excel and filter out just the outbound messages from the person in

I haven't used it since upgrading to 2014 so I don't know if it has been
changed but I did use it quite a bit in 2012 to determine the same type
of information.


>>> "Jeffrey D. Sessler" <jeff at scrippscollege.edu> 09/15/16 9:35 AM >>>

The best solution I found was to use my email security appliance
(Ironport) as the relay for all outbound email originating from GWIA.
Not only could I get detailed reports such as top N senders, when an
account was compromised, out Ironport tended to block the wave of
outbound SPAM and/or slow it down i.e. we rate-limit the number of
emails outbound per user/per hour. The appliance will also alert you to
high-volume senders.

GWIA just doesn’t have the level of control.


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    Is there a way to get a report from the GWIA of the number of emails
each person has sent? In the past we have seen a user's password
discovered by a spammer, and the account was used to send spam.
Eventually the user notified us that he was receiving a very large
quantity of bounced emails for messages he didn't send. (We are
addressing this problem in several proactive ways..;-)  If we could see
trends in people's message sending habits, we could easily identify a
sudden spike in outgoing messages.
    We are running GW 2014 on OES.
    Thanks for any suggestions!
    Mike Lichtenwalner
    Coordinator of Technical Services
    Manheim Township School District
    Lancaster, PA
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