[ngw] GroupWise 2012 GWIA Class of Service

Laura Buckley Laura at laurabuckley.co.za
Wed Sep 28 05:57:45 UTC 2016

Hi Rhonda,

I have seen this before.  I think there is a limit but I don't know exactly
what it is.  How many entries do you currently have?

When I happened across this issue before and came to my personal conclusion
I likened it to the Login Script field which has a size/space limitation -
only a certain about of bytes/kilobytes is allocated in eDir to store this
information.  Note, this is my personal conclusion.

Doesn't help you much but I am interested in knowing how many entries you


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On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 9:23 PM, Rhonda Richardson <kc0izr at gmail.com> wrote:

> We are running GroupWise 2012 and have various class of services setup to
> restrict what associates can and can't do.  One of the things we restrict
> is forwarding via a rule, except for IT folks are required to forward high
> priority messages to the SMS address of their cell phone.
> I have not had an problems adding cell phone addresses to the class of
> service until today.  Today, when I try to add a new address, I am able to
> add it and get all the way through the process until I click OK or Apply on
> the properties of the GWIA.  At that point, my ConsoleOne just hangs and it
> never commits the change to the agent on the server.
> I am running the snap-ins to match my GroupWise system.  I am connected to
> domain that owns that GWIA agent.
> Is there a limit to the number of addresses I can put in as exceptions?
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