[ngw] Recommendations for Small Business Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spam Solution

Paul Lamontagne Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com
Mon Apr 3 20:57:12 UTC 2017

So what's the ballpark cost for one of these.

As I understand it the users are really IP addresses? I need ot manage 5 IPs

I wouldn't mind room for expansion, I believe there is a 10 user version available.



>>> "James Taylor" <James.Taylor at eastcobbgroup.com> 03/23/17 2:31 AM >>>
I use and recommend Sophos SG (formerly UTM, formerly Astaro)
Includes anti-virus, anti-spam, threat prevention, in addition to forward and reverse web proxy, mail proxy with secure mail capability and html5 vpn access.
Can be per user/mailbox or per appliance pricing. 
Can be physical or virtual appliance.

James Taylor
james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com

>>> "Paul Lamontagne" <Paul.Lamontagne at lamtechconsulting.com> 3/22/2017 10:08 PM >>> 
Recommendations for small Business Anti-Spam/ Anti-Virus Appliance.

Discuss..  :-)



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