[ngw] "Post Office Not Found" Error

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Fri Jul 7 17:00:54 UTC 2017


You will have to 'allow' for your AV if you want me to reply via email.  

Here is what I tried to send you:

Ok everything I see states its an address book issue -the D103. But obviously not the issue -sort of.

So the users PO knows about him when the name is changed. But the other PO in a different domain does not -right?

If yes that tells me you will have to look at a top down rebuild -or a minimum rebuild the 2nd domain that holds the non-user PO. Once done, rebuild the 2nd PO. It appears the admin msg is just not getting where it should.

But then if that is the case that may mean there is something else going on. 

So try the rebuild and go from there.

Do you have LDAP implemented for user login? 

What OS is GW running on?

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