[ngw] Weird Problem with Document Management GW 2012

Brenda Pope Admin at helmsinglaw.com
Mon May 1 19:38:19 UTC 2017

We are a Windows 7 Pro, service Pack 1, using GW 2012, SP2 and Microsoft Office 2010 32bit client office ve 100,000's of thousands of documents.  The reason we are using the 32 bit client for Office 2010 i.  We use this because it supports ODMA.  We have been using this for the past 5 years or so without any problems.  Now that we are replacing some workstations, using all of our previous criteria, the integrations with Word don't work about 50% of the time.  It works all of the time with Excel and Power Point, and works with Word if you are saving an old document.  However, if you open a new document, and use the Save As option, Word tries to save it to the local hard drive.  I've tried uninstalling both Word and GW 2012, and always choose intergrations enabled during the install.  I go into tools, options, documents and check to make sure that everything is integrated, but it always is.  However, after Word tries to save it to the hard drive, I go back in and the integration for Word is no longer there.  If I do it over and over again about 30 times, it finally works.  However, a workstation that finally worked went back to the problem as soon as I moved it from one location to another.  We are downloading Office 2010 from the reseller.  Now, it comes with the Office 365 suite which is also on the disk.  We don't use anything but the 2010, 32 bit.  
Has anyone got a suggestion, because I'm going crazy over this problem and can't find anything in a Google search that even comes close to what I'm asking about.  If anyone could help, I would be eternally grateful.  We will be changing to something else for next year, but for now, I'm in desperate need of help as we are hiring new people again and I'm short on workstations.  
PS  Our GW library is 1 TB in size, but that is nothing new.  Our servers are Suse Linux 10.  I know we need to upgrade but that is on next year's budget as well.  We hope to use Filr and stay with Suse Linux, but the Microsoft sentiment is growing every day, and I'm desperately trying to hang on to GW.

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