[ngw] OT - NAS using AD credentials

Richard Beels rbeels at yahoo.com
Thu May 11 00:14:34 UTC 2017

+1 for synology.

you can join it to a domain.  or use ldap if you wanted to.  Tony the 
Tiger Approved (c)...   :)


They're a little quirky compared to "real" business-class gear but 
miles ahead of QNAP.

At 05/10/2017 at 08:46, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Paul 
Lamontagne's keyboard and said:
>Hi All,
>Anyone know of any NAS devices that will allow you to use your AD 
>credentials to access the data instead of creating your own users 
>through it's own OS.
>I know I can create a box and use i-scsi, but was just wondering if 
>there were any devices like Netgear, Syslogic etc that would allow 
>you to use your AD credentials.


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