[ngw] Cleaning up a Message Database

Jeffrey D. Sessler jeff at scrippscollege.edu
Wed May 17 16:15:32 UTC 2017

When I had this happen, support provided me with a tool called “ListFIDs” (linux and win.exe). It’s a good start in knowing what users are in that message DB. A 4GB message DB is a good indication of something that’s run amok, duplicating a lot of small messages. In my case, it was back in GW 8 days with the infamous IMAP/Android bug that caused sent messages to be duplicated.


On 5/17/17, 6:42 AM, "ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of Mario Gingras" <ngw-bounces+jeff=scrippscollege.edu at ngwlist.com on behalf of MGingras at laurentian.ca> wrote:

    I'm running GW 14.2.1 on SLES 
    I have one message database (msg83.db) that is at the max of 4GB and is causing me some grief because it won't save anything now. 
    I ran a subjectlist and have a few messages that are repeating over and over.  These are expected since they come from our Communications department and they use the same subject all of the time.
    With this subject, I ran a subjectpurge against the entire PO and came up with tons of hits which helped all of the other databases except for the one I want to fix.  I ran a subjectpurge against just this msg db and it came up blank.  I have used both an exact check and a wildcard check with both coming up empty.  I have tried running the cleanup with both gwcheck and the GUI with the same results.
    I have also tried moving users who are attached to that msg db to another post office to see if that would free up that data but it didn't help.  Multiple structure and contents checks along with a few reduce and the db is still @ 4GB.
    Is there anything else I could do short of recreating that message database?  I can restore from backups and the file would be smaller but it would still have all this data in it and slowly fill up again.
    Thanks in advance.
    Laurentian University

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