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It's just amazing what some people can create, I love it, look  at that  http://result.collegeboogy.com

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Yeah, sorry, I was a little vague. We are picking 6 of each  position for  the  duration of the  playoffs.  No draft. Anyone picks whoever they want. So before kickoff Sunday the team will consist of   6 QBs,  6 RBs, 6 WR/TE (that's WR  or TE  so don't necessarily need a TE if  not desired), 6 DEF,  and 6 K. The  strategy being a combination of picking players to score, whether it be QBs  throwing TDs, RBs rushing or receiving, or DEF getting a  pick  six, or  whatever. You  dot  get any  pouts for yards or sacks or anything other than  points on the board.    
Phew! Sorry  for the  confusion. Here's  my current thinking:    
Rodgers,  Manning,  Brady, Wilson, Luck, Romo.    
The first three seem pretty safe since they're top seeded teams who throw a lot and are are top of the TDs thrown stats. Some may not  like  Wilson  since he has less TDs than most QBs  in the playoff picture  but my Hawks  are going all the way so I feel good about  him. Plus he's  a good  bet to  run one in. Luck has the most  TDs  of the year so far  so he  seemed  logical, especially since the bengals  game  should be  a  shootout. Finally  Romo, who's been looking great since  he got back from injury  and hits  Dez a ton. I like roethlisberger but I just  don't see  the steelers getting too  far  and he's kinda hit  or miss.   
Lynch,  Lacie,  Murray,  Anderson, Hill,  Le'veon  Bell (if active this week) OR Joique  Bell (if  Le'veon  out).  
The  first four are easy picks with each being clear cut RB1s. Hill I'm a little iffy since  I don't  see Cincinnati  getting far in the  postseason, but he could  get  a  few against Indy. The Bells are tough too. Will Le'veon go this week? And if he doesn't, do I bank on the  Steelers  moving  on to the  next  round or play it safe  with a guy like  Joique  who'll  definitely play  this  weekend? Still  undecided.   
Dez, Nelson, Gronk, D. Thomas, Cobb, Brown.   
Again, first three seem easy to me. All top scorers and likely to win games in  the playoffs. The next three were tough. Denver  has so  many threats  with  the Thomas' and  Sanders it's hard to know who will  be  the man  in the postseason. I went with Demarius since Julius has been in a  bit of a slump  with injuries. Packers are looking really good and Cobb has become WR1A  to  Rodgers. Brown is a machine, so I had to go with him even  though I don't think the Steelers will get past round 2.    
Gostowski, Hauschka, Crosby, Barth, Vinatieri, Bailey.  
Not  too tough  here. Went with  teams  I thought will make  it farthest in  the postseason.   
Pittsburg  has 4 pick 6s and a  fumble return this year, so I had to go with them, especially against  BAL  this week. The teams were a  combination  of stats and gut feelings I guess. All teams should fear the LOB. Hawks  are repeating.  
And  that's what I got. Any thoughts? Anyone want to play? $10 buy  in,  you can submit  as many times as you want. Payment via PayPal. PM me for email  to get submission form.

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