[ngw] Opened file attachments location in the Windows client

Joe Brugaletta JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com
Mon Apr 2 19:34:08 UTC 2018

in what version? In 2014 client theres Environment >File Location > Opened attachments... probably not configurable at admin level.

>>> "David Gerisch" <DGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us> 4/2/2018 11:51 AM >>>
Where does the setting reside, that defines where opened file
attachments are put?

In the Windows client, Tools --> Options --> Environment --> File
location shows me both places for archives (the GroupWise Personal
Archive) and for opened attachments.  I can set (and lock) the location
of the archives in the GroupWise Administration Console under (domain /
post office / user) Client Options --> Environment --> File Location. 
But I don't see the similar setting for opened file attachments.

I also did a brief look at the Windows Registry and didn't find it

Is there some other way of setting where file attachments are put when


David Gerisch

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