[ngw] Version Info in the GW18 Admin tool

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What I believe Marvin means is that when you installed the GW2014 Admin console and logged in. If you had only upgrade  the Primary domain and any PO all other Secondary Domains or PO's would in the Overview have their Name listed as NAME(2012).

What I believe he is saying is that going from GW2014 to GW2018 It does now show the older GW2014 Domain and POs in the overview that  way.



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Would you send me a screen shot?  I am not quite sure what you are referring to so I can't convey it clearly to engineering.  



>>> Marvin Huffaker<mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 3/4/2018 9:16 PM >>>

Question for the Novells..

When you released GW2014 and introduced the admin console, you had a version indicated after each item that wasn't GW2014.

I see that in GW18 there is no such indicator and nothing apparently obvious that tells you if you're looking at a gw14 or  gw18 sysytem..

Why did you do this?

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