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Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Mon Mar 26 22:21:02 UTC 2018

Funny non technical story about GroupWise/Datasync and iPhones...

I saw a post on facebook today regarding Siri and Nicknames that
reminded me of something funny that happened to me a while back. 
Background:  I used to have an iPhone 4.  I believe Siri was introduced
with the iPhone 4. And I believe Datasync was introduced around then as

If you recall, the thing going around when Siri first came out is that
it was funny to tell Siri "Hey Siri, call me xxxxxxxxx"   In the post I
saw, it was "Call me Big Daddy". And so naturally everybody had to try
it and laughed a couple times and then moved on with their life..  For
me, I told Siri to call me "Your Highness"..    I did that and never
thought about it for another second..This was probably 2010-2011ish.

Well.... probably 7-8 years later, after changing my phone twice, first
to a Samsung and then to an iPhone 7, I was talking to one of my best
customers. And I was floored by what he told me.   He said "Yeah, I
always know it's you calling because it comes up as "Your Highness"... 

I had a total WTF moment.. I was blown away. I actually had to
investigate where it was coming from to figure out even what he was
talking about. Then it all came back to me. I remembered putting that
into Siri on my iPhone 4.  

I don't really know how this happened but I can speculate:

Apparently, Siri took the "Call me xxx" and assigned it as my nickname,
attached it to my contact info, that then propagated up to Datasync,
which made it into my GroupWise address book, which then got attached to
every email I ever sent out via the vCard vcf signature file..  I
confirmed this by looking at the vcard on current emails as well as my
contact in my iPhone 7.  Sure enough, "Your Royal Highness" was right
there...  I had no idea it went this deep.  My customer must have
imported that into his contacts at some point from one of my emails.

So in summary: 
	●  Looks like the iPhone will use the Nickname on the incoming
call screen instead of the first/last name. 
	●  I have no idea how many people saw this over the course of
maybe 7-8 years.
	●  I was so embarrassed that this happened to my business
email account.
	●  We had a good laugh but who knows what other people may
have thought.
	●  I'm so glad I didn't put something vulgar, offensive, or
	●  I am now very careful with this function and check my vcard
fairly often just to be sure it's clean.

I wonder how many other people have had something similar happen. 


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