[ngw] GroupWise Mobility 18.1

Craig Meads craigm at cwise.co.nz
Mon Nov 12 00:55:51 UTC 2018

I installed 18.1 GroupWise in the weekend, and it works fine.

I tried to install 18.1 Mobility and it failed at the Python install on SLES 12.

I tried the install on a SLES 15 and it worked, but only if I made the SLES 12 CD a repository, otherwise it failed at Python2-LDAP.

With it installed and running, I could not connect to it, and while the firewalld is a bit of a pox, I could see that SSH and ports 4500, 8120, 7191, 636,389 were all open on the external interface. But I could not telnet to any of them.

What might I have been missing? I could not see any documentation re: SLES 15 and the firewall-cmd or the GUI

Anyone wiser?




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