[ngw] GW 18.1 Complaints

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Mon Nov 12 19:41:31 UTC 2018

I really dislike the following in the GroupWise 18.1 build:

1) The new colors on the WebAccess splash screen. They look like a throwback to the horrible color scheme of gw2012 (Before they switched back to Novell Red and then over to Attachmate Blue before finally going to Micro Focus Blue with 18.x).  Also the contrast is off and the "gear" icon for the settings is barely visible. Also, I have to go rebuild any custom logos that I put in using the previous color of blue, and change it to work with the new color.  I'm unclear what the issue was with the previous color scheme, I thought it was actually one of the better ones. More time and resources should be spent on system stability issues (POA Crashes) instead of frivolous color changes.

2) The revised FIND function.  The original way to find via CTRL-F brings up this limited dialog box that is difficult to use and doesn't include the ability to easily choose a date, nor does it even have the option to choose certain folders to look in.  I have to click "More Options" to bring  up the old dialog and do the search.  Then after I choose the options I need and hit okay (On the original find dialog), it switches out of the dialog and brings up the results in the new dialog in my main window. It's very clicky and cumbersome and not very functional at all.  And once I've seen my results, I can't easily modify it to search for other criteria, (For example, change the date range) because the option has been taken away from the results dialog completely. I can't find a way to even get back to my original query screen without starting over.   While I appreciate the fact that I can get to the Older style dialog, I despise the fact that in the process of doing a simple find, I'm required to switch back and forth between new and old dialogs multiple times. And I have to start over completely if I want to modify something as simple as the date range.

3) The Smart Sizer thing on the QuickViewer. I don't need my screen jumping around back and forth with each message I select. Just like the Message Threading that was introduced in 18.0, I immediately turned this function off to avoid going insane. 

4) The new Options Buttons that were introduced in 18.0 and just starting to make sense and become understood by the masses have suddenly been replaced with an even more confusing Gear Icon and a drop down with too many options that are even more confusing. I do like the functions presented with the "Main Window Settings" , but that is really confusing because then there is also a "Mailbox Display Settings" with the original dialog options introduced in gw18. It's confusing to have two different locations for functions that could easily be grouped together.

5) And I don't like how many of these new options cannot be controlled globally, but must be configured at each workstation individually.  Customers have been asking for the ability to standardize and customize the look and feel from a global level for years, and GroupWise team continues to ignore this with every release while adding in even more options that can't be controlled globally.



Marvin Huffaker 
Office: 480-988-7215

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