[ngw] Slightly off thread. HTML Email Merge

Craig Canfield ccanfield at unitedwayqc.org
Wed Nov 28 19:15:51 UTC 2018

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I have googled your string and followed many of the discussion threads with no luck and have even created an outlook profile using my GW Mobility service as the email with no luck.  I was just hoping that someone in our community had stumbled across something.

The search goes on..... 

>>> <pkrobello at gmail.com> 11/28/2018 11:48 AM >>>

It's not really a GW issue but rather a Word issue.  If you google Word html and mail merge you will find a lot of people that are having issues.  Plain text works fine but not HTML.


>>> Craig Canfield<ccanfield at unitedwayqc.org> 11/28/2018 10:40 AM >>>
Hello All-

GW 2018

New boss is wanting to do an html email merge from Word ( Office 2016).  She can successfully do a plain text email merge and an attachment merge but html never works.

She is not a GW fan and I would hate to go down the " GW cannot do what I need it to do so we must migrate" path.

I saw  TID 7016450 about doing email merges but that to does not work for html.

Can any of you successfully do an html mail merge from Word using GW as the email client?  if so can you please provide anything that I may be missing?


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