[ngw] OT: Filr functionalities

Mark Currie MCurrie at laserfast.com.au
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I would suggest you contact the Filr Product Manager (Que Mangus) at Microfocus, and he should be able to answer all your questions. I know at least some of those are planned, but Que will be able to advise on each.

Mark Currie

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Hi Colleagues!

Could someone help me with Filr. Possible customer is asking for following
functionalities. Some I know that Filr has, for others I am not sure and
some I do not know...

AD Integration - Yes
CIFS Shares - Yes
Links expiration by DL count - Yes
Links expiration by time - Yes
Links password protected - Yes
Office Integration - Yes
Collaboration Team Folders - Yes
Reports - Yes
AD Groups and Roles - Yes
Password Rules - Yes
? Single-Sign-On - No?
? 2-Factor Authentication ( SMS Gateway ? Digipass ? ) - No?
? Storage Encryption - No?
? File-Antivirus Scanning - with external engine? Which one?
? API - ?
? File versioning by HASH - No?
Geo IP Access overview - No
Access logs to SPLUNK analyzer - No
User Policies - Yes
? OCR Search - No?
? SNMP - Yes?
? Automation - Possible?
Mobile devices - Yes
? Remote Data Wipe (mobile) - Yes?
Company branding - Yes, Advanced Edition
? WebDAV - Yes?

Thank you for help!
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