[ngw] Constant GroupWise Client Crashes

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Wed Apr 3 03:45:19 UTC 2019

Nico, just reading through your post a little deeper..   

If you're having an occasional crash here or there, it's easy to blame
in on a registry issue or a corrupt profile or some weird workstation
nuance.   But when you have multiple users with frequent crashes, you
can no longer try to pin it on those types of things. The reality is
that the client is crashing across your organization and it's massively
impacting business productivity and interrupting users. If it's as
widespread as it sounds, it probably has the attention of senior
executives, and if they're pissed off about the constant problems,
GroupWise probably has a limited future at your organization. They need
to know that Novell is interested in resolving the issues and getting
them stable again.  

If I was dealing with this situation personally, I wouldn't even
entertain the suggestions they're talking about regarding reimaging
PC's, running endless rebuilds, registry cleaning, and other nonsense.
Those are mindless exercises and major "passing the buck" back on to
you.  There are good support engineers and there are not as good ones..
I don't let the mediocre ones run me around in circles like that. There
are bugs in the client, period. And those bugs are causing crashes. And
they need to identify them and provide a fix.   This is what I do when I
deal with a new crash (Meaning it's not a follow up from a previous
crash I'm already pursuing):.  1) Open an SR and ensure you tell them
multiple users in your company are experiencing frequent crashes.  2)
Gather as many Dump files as you can and upload them. 3) Let the support
people know the filename(s) and ask them to analyze it.  4) Can't
emphasize this enough:  Tell them how many people are experiencing this,
that it's not an isolated crash, and it's a major issue for your company
that is causing widespread problems for your user base.   For example,
you have 200 users and you have 25 different people constantly
crashing.. That should get their attention. 

The only thing I would actually do, mainly as a measure of due
diligence, is make sure I'm running the latest available GroupWise build
to ensure the bug already hasn't been fixed.

And if they push back and don't acknowledge the bugs, or try to tell
you they never see crashes.. just reference the GW18.1 SP1 CLient Bug
fix list (below).  I count at least 6 crashes just addressed by this
service pack (I recognize some of the descriptions too as issues I had
dealt with).


GW18.1 SP1 Client Bug Fix List
509413 - Mistranslated strings in Message Status column.
937173 - Allowed filename length exceed on EML export on OES with very
long subject.
988682 - Extended characters not displayed in subject and filename with
send from Word.
995503 - Single Sign-On failure in mixed directory environment.
1006124 - Item list re-paint issue when viewing Mailbox as tasklist.
1007928 - Other Phone field not displayed in personal address book.
1015951 - Plain text reply on certain messages results in broken or
empty message body.
1020468 - False positive phone number recognition with German.
1023178 - Folder state loss when returning from Proxy mode.
1025684 - Mail forward window is smaller than original.
1025943 - Inconsistent unread message icon for shared folders.
1028490 - Sort failure with 100 or more subfolders.
1029587 - Display incorrect with resource role types in GroupWise
Address Book.
1032844 - Received email displays in RSS feeds panel.
1043194 - In-line .png files fail to display.
1049815 - D107 error dropping .eml file into shared folder.
1060447 - .ics creates blank calendar when empty RDATE headers
1062032 - Client crash on certain email.
1072330 - Calendar and contact scaling issues on super hi-res
1074190 - D11B errors deleting folder containing 10,000 items.
1075523 - Folder tree sometimes not updated until client restart.
1076727 - D107 error while editing a shared calendar item.
1082078 - Crash dropping a contact on a new message.
1090705 - Client hangs opening specific email.
1095285 - Misleading message box prompt when removing TeamWorks root
1097846 - HTML display incorrect for received TNEF 1096646 Findcontacts
token failure reported.
1098644 - Opening a message can be too slow.
1104136 - Icon scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1106318 - Small text with font scaling of 125% and higher.
1106571 - Truncated text on Main Windows Settings dialog in some
1109192 - D107 error on properties tab of a reply.
1110359 - Font scaling issues on super hi-res displays.
1111113 - Draft item lost under certain conditions.
1111567 - Incorrect HTML display.
1112350 - Toolbar buttons hidden until mouse-over.
1112446 - Crash after forcing item list in Main Window Settings.
1113584 - Emojis don't display with TeamWorks integration.
1113592 - Mailto links do not honor message body content.
1114055 - Unable to close PDF after message view.
1114073 - Delete button not active on quick viewer in certain
1114244 - Some message parts not displayed when discussion threading
1114384 - Open attachment fails with TeamWorks integration.
1114723 - Image from mal-formed MIME fails to display.
1114938 - Display name missing on right-click find operation in
GroupWise Address Book.
1115035 - C3PO failure.
1115423 - Cannot edit message body during resend of item originally
sent via GroupWise Mobility.
1115479 - Draft filter failure with conversation threading enabled.
1115487 - Invalid find results present.
1116565 - Imported .ics events display out-of-office events as free.
1116727 - Alphabet buttons in German address book fail.
1117048 - Reply format not honored.
1117694 - Share invites displays empty in quick viewer.
1117891 - Keyboard unusable for changing date of all-day event.
1118616 - QuickCorrect fails with conversation threading enabled.
1118813 - Large unnecessary caching downloads after online mode.
1118934 - Missing CC users when opening saved view.
1119169 - Replies to external recurring meetings aren't threaded.
1119208 - Fax can automatically become default dialing number.
1119312 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results with exact match.
1119391 - Unable to print TIF files.
1119463 - Open item sometimes very slow when Excel or Adobe running.
1120911 - Unable to view PDF files when Adobe not installed.
1121115 - Crash when dropping attachment from received mail to new
compose window.
1121616 - Possible crash changing sort order of GroupWise Address
1121623 - DO18 error during Single Sign-on Login under certain
1121623 - Login D108 error when Novell client installed but user not
1121918 - Settings edit causes unnessecary folder re-read.
1122209 - Folder list missing folders under certain conditions.
1122421 - New contact menu fails when viewing find contacts results.
1122424 - Unable to mark a task complete from the quick viewer.
1122425 - Spell checker not available for inline replies with
conversation threading enabled.
1122427 - Unable to move parent item to tasklist when viewing as
tasklist and conversation threading enabled.
1122462 - Keyboard unusable for changing appointment start date.
1122771 - Paragraph mark appears after multi-line copy operation during
1122773 - Copied contact entires do not display in find contacts
1122865 - Imported .ics creates normal folder instead of calendar when
1122949 - Unable to name complete on user ID.
1123092 - Recurring all-day events cross day boundaries.
1123204 - Crash creating new rules under certain condition.
1123419 - Text can be lost when items received while composing inline
1123572 - Items missing after new item received with tasklist display
and conversation threading enabled.
1123689 - PNG images fail to display on received TNEF formatted
1123917 - Hang while replying to specific email.
1124604 - Images may not display on messages originating from an iPhone
1125049, 1124604 - Images originating from an iPhone send missing from
forwards and replies.
1125173 - HREF in HTML compose points to temporary location.
1125321 - Mailto does not display umlaut chars in HTML body.
1126127 - Copy message header fails on message received from the
1126569 - Name completion doesn't prioritize results by first/last name
sort order.
1126572 - Reply text lost with signed email with conversation threading
1126585 - Find search results missing under certain conditions.
1127501 - Compose screen gradient UI cleanup.
1127512 - NGW_HSZ_* internal field names display in all filter fields
1127727 - Find button inactive after opening new calendar window.
1127816 - Name completion doesn't prioritize secondary name matches.
1129061 - Umlauts lost when retrieving a Microsoft Word document into
message body during compose.
>>> "Nico Basson" <NBasson at scu.mb.ca> 4/2/2019 9:52 AM >>>

We have users with constant GroupWise client crashes which is getting
to the point of it being unusable for them.
We have tried various things like installing the latest GroupWise
client, re-imaging computers and even giving people different PCs
altogether as recommended by MicroFocus.
I have also ran multiple Analyze/Fix and Structural Rebuilds on a
of users. The POA also don't seem to be that busy, we have no CS reqs
pending and the threads seem to be all close to 0.
I have even doubled the RAM and the CPU on the POA server.
We currently have 18.1 installed.
I'm out of ideas and desperate to get this fixed, I have sent multiple
crash dumps and POA logs to MF, but they have not been able to help me
over the course of over a month.
If anyone has any suggestions that might help resolve this I will be
willing to try it.


Nico Basson
Steinbach Credit Union

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