[ngw] Antw: GMS + SLES + HyperV

Denis Jedig denis.jedig at th-koeln.de
Wed Apr 3 08:58:49 UTC 2019

This could be literally anything in the stack - host-side memory
corruption, backend storage issues, storage bus problems,
misconfiguration, networking issues (assuming the corruption might be
happening as the result of a live VM migration) or even a bug in the
paravirtualized drivers or the filesystem drivers on the guest's side.
As SLES is a supported OS on Hyper-V (see
and GroupWise is supported on Hyper-V as
I'd recommend opening service requests with as many vendors as possible,
	●  Microsoft
	●  MicroFocus
	●  SuSE
	●  the hardware vendor of the Hyper-V host hardware
	●  the vendor of the backend storage
to at least make sure there are no obvious or known issues with the
configuration you're running.


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>>> "Marvin Huffaker" <mhuffaker at redjuju.com> 03.04.2019 02:53 >>>
I have a customer that is a Windows shop running on HyperV.  Twice in
the last 6 months, their GMS system has gone corrupted beyond repair.
Meaning on reboot it couldn't mount the file system and a manual fsck
resulted in 100,000's of errors.   Needless to say, even after the
repairs the system was trashed and I had to rebuild it from scratch.

Is there something about SLES on HYPERV that makes it more susceptible
to corruption?  I have never experienced this kind of issue running on



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