[ngw] Audit-Logging in GroupWise

Uwe Barth Uwe.Barth at stadt-chemnitz.de
Wed Apr 24 08:32:10 UTC 2019

Short question: 
Some of my users in the management floor asked if GroupWise has a audit log. Problem is that one of the multiple proxies for a mailbox could send or delete an important message and in the end of the day none of the proxies want to bear the blame. In such a situation it would be helpful if log can definitely show which proxy did it. As far as I can see Exchange has such a feature (see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/policy-and-compliance/mailbox-audit-logging/enable-or-disable?view=exchserver-2019).
In POA logs just a few informations about proxy access are logged. These log entries are not nearly enough to speculate but definitely not a real audit information. Anyone with better information about this topic?
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