[ngw] Interesting repercussion of disabling the Document Management UI in gw18.1

Marvin Huffaker mhuffaker at redjuju.com
Tue Mar 5 07:44:52 UTC 2019

So I had an interesting thing happen with the GW18.1 client today, and it was quite perplexing at first.

Over the weekend, one of my customers deployed a new workstation today with GroupWise 18.1 client (Previous workstation had 14.2.x).   The user was in an absolute panic today because ALL of her mail folders were missing.  She only had a few messages in her mailbox from the last month.  Everything was there Friday when she left work. On the new system today, Everything (most of it) was gone.   Here's some things I observed:

1) All sent mail was there (or so appeared)
2) WebAccess showed more mail than the GW client did. (This is still what I'm most confused about)
3) Nothing nefarious in the log files.. No unusual logins or activity. no mass purges or deletes. No suspicious logins.
4) GWchecks were clean. No database errors in the checks or logs.  totally clean

So I had the people plug in the old workstation and load the old gw14.x client.  Boom, everything was right there. Yet on another system at the same time running 18.1, everything was missing. WTF.  While I was happy I wasn't going to be loading up a restore point, it really threw me off for a bit. I literally had the two systems side by side, one on each screen, and if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it.

But then as I was examining the folders closer, I had an "oh wow" moment..  I noticed that on the 14.x client, all the folders/mail were under the "Documents" folder, not the Cabinet.  So I immediately knew what happened.. After the update to GW18.1, of course I disabled the Document Management UI (Because lets be honest, this needed to be buried 10 years ago)..    And because her folders were under Documents, GroupWise client hid them even though they weren't technically documents.. 

So if you're clicking that box to disable the Document Manager UI, be aware that it not only disables the various Doc Management menus and functions, it will also hide any regular mail folders that the users have put under the Documents folder.


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