[ngw] Auto-update client

Joe Brugaletta JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com
Thu May 9 23:36:56 UTC 2019

your email to the group actually came through fine (for me, anyway).. must be the way it gets back to you through proofpoint. 
Hmm yeah that URL seems to work but I would have to plug in every user name to find out whether that value is true or false. Was hoping to be able to put in the post office name and it tell me all users where that setting is True. 

>>> "David Gerisch" <DGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us> 5/9/2019 4:08 PM >>>
Sigh.  Back on the topic of E-Mail SPAM/Filtering Products, Proofpoint
also has this feature of testing URLs in email, so that clicks that
would lead to a malicious site can be intercepted and blocked.

Which, when you want to supply an example URL for demonstration
purposes, is completely counter to being helpful.  :-(

Let's make that:

https:// server :9710 /gwadmin-service /domains /TheDOM /postoffices

/ThePO /users /JoeUser /clientoptions

>>> "David Gerisch" <DGerisch at co.tulare.ca.us> 2019-05-09 16:00 >>>
Looks like it is 





server, TheDOM, ThePO, JoeUser

are particular to the person you want to check.

David Gerisch

>>> "Joe Brugaletta" <JBrugaletta at braytonlaw.com> 2019-05-09 14:46 >>>
Is there a way to determine what users might have Auto-Update Client
enabled, via rest or something? I thought I was the only one with it
enabled, but I just got a phone call from another user saying her
upgraded to gw18 and she hates it. eek!

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