[ngw] Windows 18.1.1 and 18.1 Clients - Caching Mode Issues

Kevin Salisbury Kevin.Salisbury at twinmro.com
Tue May 21 14:46:49 UTC 2019

GroupWise 18.1.1 Linux Server

Windows 7 Pro, fully patched 
GroupWise 18.1.1 and 18.1 Clients - Caching Mode

I just created an SR for this, but I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing similar issues with Caching Mode on Windows. 

All systems are the same - Windows 7 Professional, fully patched, most are 18.1, we have upgraded a few clients to 18.1.1 to test. 

We've recently migrated the majority of our users from Online mode to Caching Mode and we've started to see one issue. While the Groupwise client works OK -- unfortunately on several of these systems we are seeing 100% CPU utilization, and occasional crashes of the Groupwise Document Viewer Agent (on the client -- not the server). 

On several of these systems with the issue, we see multiple running kvoop.exe*32 and gwdva.exe*32 in the Task Manager, even when no messages are open. It does not seem to matter if the user has 18.1 or 18.1.1 and we have ruled out all of the other possible issues (anti-virus, zenworks, patching, etc.). The users who experience this the most are the power users, of course. 

Is this normal behavior (multiple GWDVA's running on the client in caching mode)? 

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